Fox News has stopped broadcasting Trump rallies

President Donald Trump may have lost a significant source for drumming up support.

Fox News has reportedly decided to stop airing Trump rallies in full.

Ratings Decision

The decision to stop broadcasting the rallies appears to be a ratings problem.

According to reports, Trump’s rallies simply are not pulling in enough viewers.

That being the case, the network has decided to go to just showing clips rather than the entire rally.

This decision has been noticed by the Trump administration and is cause for concern.

With mid-term elections only a few weeks away, the administration is worried this will hurt Trump’s support at the polls.

Bill Shine, White House Communications Director and former Fox News executive, stated he plans on checking in with the network to see what is going on with the lack of coverage.

Bowing to Pressure

Fox News was the only network offering this type of coverage for Trump.

Since most of the other networks are more left-leaning, they are not exactly looking for ways to help Trump in the mid-term elections.

The one consistent for this administration from day one has been fair coverage from Fox News.

In recent months, however, Fox News has been getting called out by the other networks for giving too much favorable coverage to Trump.

One of the examples at the top of the list was how Fox News was the only channel regularly showing Trump rallies in full.

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So, is this truly a matter of ratings? Or is Fox News worried about the perception of being too close to the Trump administration?

Hopefully, after Mr. Shine reaches out, those of us not located in the city where the rally is happening will once again be able to enjoy Trump “telling it like it is.”

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