Fox News’ Shannon Bream reveals her chronic illness caused suicidal thoughts

Shannon Bream, host of the primetime program Fox News @ Night, is one of the most popular hosts on Fox News.

So it came as quite a shock when, according to the Daily Wire, Bream revealed to People magazine that a recent illness had her contemplating suicide before she was able to receive treatment.

Pain almost wins

Anyone with chronic pain can sympathize with the plight of Shannon Bream. Bream was suffering from chronic eye pain and needed to take eyedrops throughout the day or suffer through debilitating pain.

If she did not take her drops, she would suffer double vision and horrific migraines. To avoid this, Bream had to set an alarm to take her drops every two hours or so, which meant she was never able to sleep through the night.

When she went to her doctor, he told her that she was being “too emotional” about it.

“That put me into a tailspin — I’m desperate for any lifeline, any diagnosis, any treatment to help me through this nightmare, and my doctor was questioning my sanity,” she recalled. “That was really hurtful. I felt like no one was going to help me.”

The Fox host went on to say that “there were people talking about how the only way out was to take their own life…and that didn’t seem crazy or unreasonable to me at all.”

“I was two years into it,” she said. “I was in my early 40s, and I said, ‘No way I could live another 40 years like that. If all of my waking hours are in pain, what is the point of going on?’”

Finally, some help

After she started thinking about “how nice it would be to go to sleep and not wake up,” she said her husband told her: “We are going to start over. I don’t care if we have to go around the whole world and we have to spend every dime we have in the bank. This is our priority, and we’re going to get through this together.”

Finally, Bream found and reached out to Dr. Thomas Clinch, a cornea specialist who diagnosed Bream with a chronic erosion syndrome that was being exacerbated by corneal map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy.

While there is no cure for her condition, there are strategies to better manage it to alleviate the constant pain.

Bream said that when she gets out of bed every day now, she says a prayer of thanks, because while her eyes are not better, they are “95% better” than they were before her diagnosis. That’s good news for her — and Fox fans everywhere.

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