Fox News sends CNN packing, tops cable news ratings

The more CNN twists stories, the more viewers it loses.

This was made quite apparent after the April ratings were released showing that Fox News Channel dominated virtually every time slot in its market.

Fox Dominates

Either conservatives are the only people watching TV, or Americans are just sick and tired of the “Clinton News Network” telling lies and not reporting all the facts.

CNN has fallen on desperate times, garnering its lowest ratings in more than three years.

The last time CNN had ratings this low, it was October 2015.

Fox, on the other hand, led its competition for the 34th consecutive month.

This is also now the 208th straight month Fox has beat in the ratings both CNN and MSNBC, both of which are neck-and-neck for being the furthest left-leaning cable news outlet.

Extending Its Reach

And the good news for Fox doesn’t end there.

According to ratings reports, two of Fox’s primetime shows, Tucker Carlson Tonight and Hannity, had more viewers than the NBA playoffs, which were airing on two different networks.

The cable news network also outpaced the WWE’s Monday Night Raw, one of the most popular primetime shows in all of sports.

The numbers for Fox News are not even close compared to its competition.

Fox News averaged 2.4 million viewers during primetime. Meanwhile, MSNBC outpaced CNN, 1.6 million to 767,000.

Considering the fact Fox’s numbers are better than both MSNBC and CNN combined, it seems pretty clear which network Americans consider to be the most reliable on TV today.

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