Fox News Channel’s senior vice president announces retirement

Fox News has experienced a number of shakeups as the network continues to be hammered in the ratings game following the 2020 election.

The cable news network will soon experience yet another shift as Bill Sammon, Fox News Channel’s senior vice president and managing editor in Washington, D.C., has officially announced his retirement, effective at the end of January, The Hill reported.

Why is he leaving?

On Monday morning Sammon’s staff found out that Sammon intends on retiring at the end of the month, capping off a long list of sudden changes at the network as the ratings continue to plummet.

Before joining Fox News over a decade ago, Sammon worked as a White House correspondent for The Washington Times, and earned a coveted Pulitzer Prize for his reporting. He also worked at the Washington Examiner.

His career at Fox News has been mostly quiet, aside from a few instances years ago when he was accused of taking certain national topics in a specific direction to appease conservative viewers of the network.

In 2010, the left-leaning group Media Matters for America slammed Sammon by making public an email from 2009 in which Sammon directed his staff to include skeptical takes in any reporting having to do with the climate change topic, which was especially hot at the time. The email received national attention from America’s unofficial climate change activist, former Vice President Al Gore.

He also came under fire after directing his staff to use the phrase “government option” instead of “public option” while discussing the Affordable Care Act, known as “Obamacare.”

Fox is changing

Over the past week, a number of changes have been reported at Fox News, including notable lineup changes that included prime-time host Martha MacCallum being bumped from her prime-time slot back to a less desirable afternoon slot, according to Yahoo News.

While the network claims the move was not a demotion, a number of Fox News insiders and people familiar with the inner-working of the industry claimed the contrary, citing that the change was announced after up-and-coming Newsmax TV was able to beat MacCallum in her slot.

“The rise of Newsmax TV has caused a major shake-up at Fox News with news today that early evening host Martha MacCallum has been demoted to early afternoons,” said Newsmax TV CEO Chris Ruddy, while quipping that “the Fox is on the run,” according to Yahoo.

Fox News anchors Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino also lost their afternoon shows and were relegated to a two-hour morning show which they will co-host. Several other hosts were shuffled around and in place of MacCallum’s old slot, a new opinion show will air with a rotating panel of hosts.

While it was once thought that Fox News was the cable Goliath that could never be taken down, it appears that David has emerged in the form of smaller, yet highly-competitive news channels where former Fox News viewers are flocking to by the day.

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