Fox News has ‘no intention’ of bringing back commentator who published vulgar tweet on Kamala Harris: Report

Fox News said Thursday that one of its guest commentators would no longer be appearing on-the-air after he published a profanity-laced tweet about Democrat vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris.

Speaking with Mediaite, Fox confirmed that the network has “no intention” of hosting Harlan Z. Hill, a conservative commentator who claims to be on the Trump re-election campaign’s advisory board, in future segments on the network or its affiliates.

“We have no intention of booking him as a guest on any of our platforms,” Fox told Mediaite.

“Sorry, it’s just true”

The tweet that started it all was published Wednesday during Harris’ debate match-up with Vice President Mike Pence.

“Kamala Harris comes off as such an insufferable lying b***h,” Hill wrote. “Sorry, it’s just true.”

Reacting to the news that the tweet had cost him his job at Fox, Hill doubled down.

“I did it and I’d do it again,” he told Mediaite. “Given the fact that Kamala Harris kept an innocent man on death row until the courts forced her hand, locked up 1000s of people for simple possession of marijuana and other minor charges, etc., I stand by the statement that she’s an insufferable, power-hungry, smug b***h.”

Hill also thanked Fox for five years of appearances. “They have been very good to me and I will always appreciate the chance they gave me to build a platform,” he said, according to Mediaite.

The outlet noted that Hill hasn’t been on Fox News at all in 2020, though he has appeared on Fox Business.

The bottom line

The situation just goes to show that conservatives are facing a double-standard when it comes to criticizing their opponents: while those on the left can throw flak at President Donald Trump, even going so far as to wish for his death after he contracted COVID-19, those on the right are expected to take the high road.

It can be frustrating to deal with the hypocrisy, but we don’t have to have to stoop to their levels to get our point across. As President Trump himself made clear on Thursday, there are more than enough policy points to hammer Harris on without having to resort to vulgarity.

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