Fox News daytime ratings trail MSNBC, CNN amid post-election slump

In the weeks after the 2020 presidential election, formerly loyal viewers have lashed out at Fox News for a number of incidents they perceived as biased either against President Donald Trump or in favor of Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

It might not be a total surprise, therefore, that the network has taken a dive in daytime ratings, plummeting a steep 32 percentage points in the weeks after the election when compared to the two weeks leading up to Nov. 3.

Trailing MSNBC and CNN

The news came on the heels of widespread complaints posted on social media by disappointed viewers, many of which came alongside threats to boycott its news coverage.

Judging from the latest ratings numbers, it appears at least some of them followed through on their promises.

While Fox News continues to hold a lead over its rivals in various categories, the precipitous drop among audiences during daytime programming has surely set off alarms at the network’s corporate offices.

Weekday daytime viewing averages for Fox News fell to about 1.63 million even as CNN’s numbers during the same period soared to 1.68 million and MSNBC claimed the lead with 1.71 million viewers.

During the pivotal prime-time slot, Fox News still leads the pack with an average of nearly 3 million viewers. MSNBC came in second with. 2.18 million and CNN rounded out the top three with 2.05 million viewers.

“I’m just telling people”

Further bad news for Fox News came in the form of Nielsen Media Research data, as reported by Newsweek on Friday.

Among the coveted 25-54 age demographic, the network saw a significant drop throughout much of its daytime and prime-time programming, losing out to both CNN and MSBNC across the board.

During the same period, host Tucker Carlson, who routinely tops the network’s ratings, upset some of his viewers by questioning whether attorney Sidney Powell had the evidence to back up her claims of voter fraud as part of an attempt to overturn the reported results of the presidential race.

Fox News also attracted criticism in the wake of the election by calling the race in Arizona for Biden.

On Election Day, Trump opined: “Somebody said what’s the difference between this and four years ago, and I say Fox … In the old days you wouldn’t put ‘Sleepy Joe’ on every time he opens his mouth. You had Democrats on more than you had Republicans. I’m not complaining. I’m just telling people.”

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