Fox News’ Jesse Watters clarifies controversial comments about QAnon

Over the weekend, Fox News’ Jesse Watters made some on-air comments about QAnon that were interpreted as evidence that he is a follower of the well-known platform favored by conspiracy theorists.

Watters was quick to correct the narrative, making a statement to Mediaite indicating that he does NOT support QAnon in any way.

Setting the record straight

The initial comments by Watters on Saturday night caused quite a stir and they came in the context of a discussion of censorship on the part of big tech companies, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Watters stated,  “Because you know, Q can do some crazy stuff with the pizza stuff and the Wayfair stuff but they also uncovered a lot of great stuff when it comes to Epstein and the deep state.”

His comments were immediately interpreted by some as an expression of support for the platform, but it now appears that he meant them more as an observation along the lines that even a broken watch is right twice a day.

Waters was quick to take pains to correct the narrative, stating, “While discussing the double standard of big tech censorship. I mentioned the conspiracy group QAnon, which I don’t support or believe in.

“My comments should not be mistaken for giving credence to this fringe platform,” he added.

Part of the problem

Conspiracy websites might be fun to read every now and again, but major cable news personalities like Watters cannot publicly buy into them if they are going to retain their credibility with the masses.

The sites get far more wrong than they get right, as they generally just throw around accusations in the hopes that something they say might stick.

Alex Jones’ InfoWars was the master of this tactic, taking legitimate news stories and reaching for a different narrative to expose some type of supposedly nefarious plot.

Most of what Jones pitched never panned out, but he would never let followers forget the 10% of the time that he got things right.

QAnon does much the same, but as mentioned above, even a broken clock is correct two times daily.

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