Fox News condemns Jeanine Pirro’s comments about Ilhan Omar

When a Democrat says something nice about Fox News, you know things are getting bad. That is exactly what happened, however, after Judge Jeanine Pirro made some inflammatory comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-NY) during her opening monologue on Saturday.

Fox News released a statement “strongly” condemning Pirro’s comments. They also said they “addressed the matter with her privately,” for which Omar publicly thanked the network.

Questioning Omar

Judge Jeanine Pirro says she was just trying to spark a debate, but she ended up getting herself accused of Islamophobia instead.

As part of a wider monologue on Omar’s recent anti-Semitism controversies and the weak response from House Democrats, Pirro mentioned Omar’s practice of wearing the hijab.

“Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?” Pirro asked.

Fox News condemns Pirro’s comment

Fox News, which is still trying to recover from the disappointment of being excluded from hosting any of the Democrat primary debates, did not hesitate to call out Pirro, issuing a statement condemning her comments.

“We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro’s comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar,” the statement said. “They do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly.”

After Fox News issued the statement, Omar sent them a tweet expressing her thanks for their actions.

Asking the Question

While the executives at Fox News hit the panic button, Pirro says she was simply asking a question.

“I’ve seen a lot of comments about my opening statement from Saturday night’s show and I did not call Rep. Omar un-American,” Pirro said in a statement.

“My intention was to ask a question and start a debate, but of course because one is Muslim does not mean you don’t support the Constitution,” she continued. “I invite Rep. Omar to come on my show any time to discuss all of the important issues facing America today.”

At least three of Pirro’s advertisers have stopped or “paused” their ads on her show in response to her comments.

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