‘That’s not going well’: Fox News host wraps segment early after former DNC chair’s on-air tirade

Fox News Channel producers apparently cut a segment of Fox & Friends short on Tuesday following an acrimonious shouting match between two contributors.

As reported by The Blaze, former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Donna Brazile locked horns with liberal-turned-conservative commentator Tammy Bruce, leaving co-host Brian Kilmeade wondering how the encounter went so wrong.

“Preaching to the choir”

The segment began as a discussion of the previous evening’s Republican National Convention proceedings.

Among the featured speakers during the virtual convention were Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Trump campaign adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Instead of offering analysis of the opening night’s speakers, however, the dialogue soon devolved into a contentious conversation. Brazile predictably dismissed the substance of the evening’s addresses, asserting that Republican officials and invited speakers were merely “preaching to the choir,” according to The Wrap.

Bruce pushed back by asserting that the speeches addressed many of the pressing issues American voters want to see discussed — even as many Democratic Party leaders avoid them. Upon her reference to rioting and violence that has negatively impacted communities across the U.S. in recent months, Brazile bristled.

“This is why the choir sounds like a note coming from a scratched record,” she said. “It sounds like I will never be an American in your world because after 400 years, my family cannot walk out of this house without fearing violence.”

“Not too sure anyone benefited”

Along with Kilmeade, Bruce attempted to explain that she did not intend to make any such argument, but Brazile called her “shameful” and continued her disapproving reaction.

“You ignore the pains of people that are hurting,” she claimed before repeatedly asserting, “You do not recognize my existence!”

Kilmeade brought the segment to an abrupt end and addressed viewers after the two panelists had been removed from the screen.

“That’s not going well — not too sure anyone benefited from that,” he said.

While the nation’s voters gain important perspective by hearing alternate viewpoints on important issues, that is not what transpired in this case. No matter how passionately a pundit might feel about a particular topic or candidate, no one benefits from an on-air shouting match.

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