Fox News host diagnoses Barack Obama with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

Fox News host Pete Hegseth believes he’s figured out what is wrong with former President Barack Obama.

During a Fox & Friends segment, Hegseth stated: “I am not a doctor … but Obama has Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Divisive Speech

While constantly giving divisive speeches, Obama is — oddly enough — calling for unity in America.

With the rhetoric that spews from his mouth on a daily basis, there is simply no way any conservative — Trump supporter or not — could get behind him in support of a Democrat candidate.

As Hegseth pointed out, Obama does not even have the courtesy to address Trump as the president.

Failed Legacy

The fact is, Obama is upset because Trump is undoing what little legacy Obama had while president.

That legacy is being undone because most Americans were unhappy with those policies.

Obama continues to tout the good old days, as though his time in the White House was good for the country.

What we really saw was the country teetering dangerously close to socialism — but President Trump put the brakes on that from his very first day in office.

Democrats are still working off the same agenda they were in 2016, only now they have added Trump impeachment to it.

People are starting to realize the most important items on that agenda — including impeaching Trump, rolling back his tax cuts, and opening up borders limitlessly — don’t actually do anything for the average American.

What exactly is the benefit for an American citizen if they vote for Democrats?

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The fact is: the only people truly being moved by this agenda are young bleeding hearts that are still tapping Mommy and Daddy’s bank account to pay their bills.

Keep talking Obama, because every word out of your mouth is driving thousands of voters over to the Republican side of the ticket.

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