Fox News host Greg Gutfeld set to debut new program to compete against late-night hosts

Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld has amassed a loyal audience through his appearances on various programs throughout his tenure at the cable network.

The Fox star’s latest career move was announced this week in a statement about his forthcoming late-night program, Gutfeld!

“Isn’t afraid to take a risk”

The show will premier on April 5, according to a Fox News update published Wednesday. Gutfeld, known to fans for his tenacious and energetic presence on screen, promised that his new program would be more entertaining than its rivals in the realm of late-night entertainment.

“If you want something different, that isn’t afraid to take a risk and call out hypocrisy on all sides, check out ‘Gutfeld!'” he wrote. “And if you don’t, no hard feelings. Although I will hate you forever.”

Gutfeld went on to lambast other shows, calling them “bland as string cheese,” while promising something more captivating to those who follow him to his new gig.

There is already a glut of hosts generally spouting similar progressive talking points in the unique style of late-night talk shows, led in the ratings by comics like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon.

Gutfeld, however, thinks he has found an untapped market — and Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott offered her vote of confidence.

“Join the club”

“People need a reason to laugh,” Scott said. “Greg’s unique and irreverent talk show has been an incredible success, often beating the late-night broadcast competition, despite its Saturday timeslot. With one of the most loyal and engaged audiences in cable news, we’re thrilled to bring the show to weekday primetime and further solidify Greg’s place among late-night television stars.”

Last year, The Greg Gutfeld Show averaged 2.5 million viewers, beating both ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“If you cannot tell the other late-night shows apart, join the club,” Gutfeld said in appealing to viewers who are tired of the genre’s prevailing left-wing narrative. “They’re as bland as string cheese and not nearly as appetizing.”

He went on to denounce “the same jokes, the same assumptions, probably the same writers, all reading the same columns from the same hacks in the New York Times” while promising viewers that his team is not “going to be like them.”

Along with the continued success of Fox hosts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, Gutfeld seems to prove that many Americans are interested in content other networks simply are not providing. With his newest position, these viewers can finally rest easy knowing that they will have access to a real diversity of opinions in late-night programming.

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