Fox News correspondent resigns after 9 years on the job

The Fox News family just received word that one of its star foreign correspondents is calling it quits.

Conor Powell, who has been reporting from Jerusalem, announced that he is resigning from Fox News.

Surprising Resignation

Anyone that has watched the news over the last decade is very familiar with Conor Powell.

His reports on Israel and problems in the Middle East were always stellar.

But there was never a public hint that he was unhappy with his position or his network.

Then, on Friday, Powell made a post on his Facebook page that he would be leaving the network.

“After nearly 9 years, I have decided to resign from Fox News,” he wrote. “Those of you who have spoken to me in recent months, you will understand why I am leaving FNC. To my many friends at the channel, I wish you the best of luck.”

Not long after making this posting, his Facebook page was taken down.

Fox News has confirmed Powell is leaving, but has made no further statement as of yet.

Reasons for Leaving

While Powell has not publicly commented on his reasons for leaving, some of his friends have apparently betrayed his confidence.

Several outlets are saying Powell was unhappy with the “direction” Fox News had taken recently.

Powell is apparently upset the network has added more opinion shows and less actual news.

In addition, he allegedly complained that reporters had fewer and fewer resources at their disposal for their stories.

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One can only wonder if Powell’s exit is the tip of the iceberg or just a blip on the radar.

As Fox News continues to be identified as a conservative-oriented outlet, will there suddenly be a mass exodus to make a statement?

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