Fox News contributor Guy Benson marries partner Adam Wise

The stereotype that Fox News personalities and viewers are homophobic took a major blow this weekend.

Fox News contributor Guy Benson married his boyfriend, Adam Wise, on Saturday, according to People magazine. The ceremony took place at Charles Krug Winery in Napa Valley, California.

Coming Out

Coming out in public was something that was not actually planned by Benson, but the circumstances just seemed right for him to do so.

In 2015, Benson authored a book called, End of Discussion.

In that book, he officially revealed to the world that he is gay. Explaining why he chose that specific moment to do so, he stated: “In the book, in a footnote, I came out as gay because there was a whole chapter about gay rights and the religious liberties, and I felt like it was important for me to disclose to the audience just ethically, yet, from a journalism perspective.”

It was during this time that Benson formed a friendship with then-Fox personality Megyn Kelly. Benson appeared on her show, The Kelly File, to promote the book.

The Wedding

According to People, which ran an exclusive on the wedding, there were approximately 150 guests present, including Kelly.

The grooms wore matching gray suits with ties that represented each of their alma maters. Benson went to Northwestern, so he had a lavender tie, and Wise attended Colorado State, so he wore a sage green tie.

The two actually met just after Benson made his appearance on Kelly’s program, an event he described at “the most terrifying television appearance of my life.”

Wise sent Benson an email after Benson outed himself for advice on being both conservative and gay. After communicating via email, the two eventually met and ended up dating.

They got engaged in 2018, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Benson stated of the wedding that “what’s especially wonderful about this celebration is that in an age of so much division and partisan anger, our friends and family from across the ideological spectrum have joined us to celebrate our love.”

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