Fox News star Juan Williams confirms COVID-19 diagnosis: Report

Fox News star Juan Williams confirmed Thursday that he has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Williams told The Hill that he learned earlier in the day that a coronavirus test he’d taken Monday had come back positive. A subsequent test turned up the same results.

According to The Hill, the star of Fox’s The Five is now staying in a hotel in Washington to avoid infecting his family. He is reported to be experiencing “flu-like symptoms.”

“I’m not great but I’m not dying or anything,” Williams, who is 66, said Thursday, according to HuffPost. “I’m worried about myself and my family. My wife doesn’t want me to come back to the house right now. On lots of levels it’s concerning.”

On the road to recovery

While the Fox host is “worried” about his condition worsening, Williams says he’s been uplifted by the outpouring of support he’s received since news broke that he tested positive for COVID-19.

According to data from The New York Times, Williams is now one of more than 14.3 million Americans who have tested positive for the coronavirus since early this year. The disease has killed over 277,000 in the U.S.

While Williams quarantines, the work of contact tracing continues back at Fox News.

Williams wasn’t informed about his positive test until Thursday, and he filmed a live episode of The Five in New York with his co-hosts prior to that. According to The Hill, fellow Fox hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfield were both present on that show, but all participants were spaced seven feet apart.

The Five goes virtual

The network touted its “strict” protocols in a statement following Williams’ diagnosis.

“Since the start of the pandemic, FOX News Media has implemented strict company-wide protocols adhering to all CDC and state guidelines, including regular testing of all in-studio, on-air personalities, mask mandates and daily health assessments for all employees entering the building,” a Fox spokesperson said, according to The Hill.

Taking those extra precautions will likely pay back dividends for Fox News — but until they know for sure, The Five will be broadcast from the hosts’ home studios as a precaution, Fox said, according to Deadline.

Hopefully, Williams will make a quick and easy recovery and will soon be back on air with the rest of his colleagues.

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