Fox News border drone footage shows tens of millions of dollars in unused border wall

It’s bad enough that the Biden administration announced last week the cancellation of border wall construction in two of the busiest sectors in Texas, but new footage, obtained by Fox News, revealed that should have any American taxpayer fuming.

As Fox reported, using drone technology, reporter Bill Melugin provided footage of what appears to be countless stacks of extremely expensive — to the tune of tens of millions of dollars — steel barrier sections that were originally intended to be used for several hundred miles of border wall construction.

What’s more, the Biden administration has not only shelved the border wall construction projects, but it continues to pay contractors originally hired for the job millions of dollars per day for nothing, while the construction materials remain untouched.

The footage

The aerial view of the vast expanse of steel barriers is breathtaking, especially considering that it will likely sit for a long time while the administration — or the next administration — figures out what to do with it.

Melugin noted that there are enough steel barrier sections — roughly 10,000 of them — to construct over 100 miles of border barriers. Common sense and logic can be used to deduce that at this point in time, new sections of border wall would serve to at least mitigate the influx of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S.

Instead, only a few miles of the wall was ever completed. Melugin pointed to an unfinished section in La Joya, Texas, where the wall literally ends.

“Basically, it’s useless,” Melugin said. “We watch these migrants just walk around it all the time. It’s not doing anything, and the border agents out here are having to run around left and right as runners are constantly coming through.”

The price tag

Rodney Scott, former border security chief for President Joe Biden, told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer that the Biden administration — the U.S. government — is shelling out some $5 million per day to pay for border wall contracts that are currently on hold due to Biden’s policies.

“For a while, it was almost five million a day between DoD and DHS to not build the border wall,” Scott revealed.

Melugin spoke with several Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents who patrol the La Joya sector, saying that the agents he spoke with indicated that the wall is desperately needed to stop the constant flow of illegals jumping the border.

“As we’ve heard the Border Patrol chief say, so far this year more than 400,000 known [migrants] got away. Those are the only ones we know about,” Melugin added.

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