Fox News announces new ‘Fox Nation’ line up with Hannity and Ingraham

The face of on-demand news for conservatives is about to change dramatically.

Fox News has announced the launch of a new “on demand” streaming service, Fox Nation, featuring exclusive content from popular conservative hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

Makes Sense

Conservatives in this country are thirsting for a source of real news.

As it stands now, Fox is the only major outlet that offers a conservative perspective.

CNN, MSNBC, etc. have all made it quite clear they have zero respect for this president and literally cheer when there is a negative headline.

While Fox News has been able to capitalize on what has become a monopoly on conservative news, not everyone has the time to sit down when their favorite personality is broadcasting.

As it stands, we have to feverishly search through YouTube clips in the hopes of piecing together an actual show.

That is all going to change with Fox Nation.

On Demand

Fox Nation is a subscription-based streaming service, set to launch before the midterm elections.

There will be “a different lineup entirely on Fox Nation than what’s on Fox News currently. So, I see it as a completely adjacent package,” said John Nallen, CFO of 21st Century Fox.

In addition to Hannity and Ingraham, other Fox favorites will be adding exclusive content.

Some of the more notable names include:

Tucker Carlson

Tomi Lahren

Brit Hume

Ainsley Earhardt

Jesse Watters

Dana Perino

Judge Jeanine Pirro

The sheer convenience of the service will no doubt make it a success in conservative circles.

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John Finley, Fox Senior Vice President, stated, “Fox News has an incredibly loyal audience, and we are confident our super fans will enjoy exclusive content helmed by the personalities they know and trust, which they will have access to watch anytime and anywhere.”

With most public TVs locked on CNN, we are pretty sure conservatives are going to absolutely love Fox Nation.

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