Fox News anchor cancels live broadcast as anti-Trump protesters turn menacing

Shannon Bream wanted to do her show from the steps of the Supreme Court, but then something happened.

Liberal protesters showed up and intimidated the host so much, Bream felt threatened and had to move the show back to the studio…

Liberals Out of Control

Doing segments outside getting a response from the people after a major event is nothing new.

Journalists have done so for decades and always seemed to get a pass from protesters.

Not this time, though.

These days, liberals protesting tend to lean towards violence rather than just protesting.

In this case, Trump had not even officially announced his nomination for the Supreme Court when liberal protesters took to the steps of the Supreme Court…

Isn’t Justice Blind?

Lady Justice is supposed to be blind.

Judges wear black robes as a symbol of shrouding their personal views to let law dictate the outcome of the case.

That does not appear to be how things operate these days, though.

Sadly, politics is creeping its way into our judicial system, something that would break our Founding Fathers hearts.

What is worse, conservative-oriented Justices are being deemed the “bad guy” for simply holding laws to the Constitution… exactly what they are supposed to do.

If anyone wants to point a finger, point to some of the current Justices, namely Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

More than any Justice in modern times, she has politicized the position to the point of speaking out against a conservative president.

Policy is decided in Congress and in the White House, NOT at the Supreme Court.

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Furthermore, the potential Justice they are protesting, Judge Kavanaugh, has already hinted he is not likely to attempt to overturn the decision they are protesting about, Roe v. Wade.

This is more about obstructing President Trump than anything else and it is getting VERY old.

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