Fox News prepares to launch ‘Fox Nation’ digital streaming service

Fox News Channel has been consistently beating their cable news rivals in the TV ratings, but even they realize that modern media consumption is inching ever closer to the digital realm — and they have wasted no time in carving out their own niche for the future.

As such, Fox is making the final preparations prior to the launch of a new 24-hour digital streaming service that will be known as “Fox Nation,” which will be separate from the Fox cable television channel.

Fox announced the new offering in February with a media release that noted the streaming service would feature “live exclusive daily streaming content and long-form programming available only to subscribers” as well as “exclusive events” and more than 20 years of archival programming from Fox.

Separate digital streaming service

“With our traditional cable viewership at an all-time high, we are proud to announce a new digital offering geared entirely toward the FOX News superfans, who represent the most loyal audience in cable, if not all of television,” Fox’s senior vice president of development and production, John Finley, announced in February.

Finley added: “This initiative will capitalize on providing that viewer, who is among the most affluent and well educated in cable, with a highly specialized content experience on a platform they can watch anytime, anywhere.”

The new streaming service — which will not require a cable subscription to view — was scheduled to launch at some point in the fourth quarter of the 2018 fiscal year and is likely right around the corner.

Mediaite reported that “Fox Nation” just aired its first promotional advertisements on Thursday.

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Platform for new rising stars

That ad featured conservative commentator Tomi Lahren, who said of Fox Nation: “This is our time, and this is going to be our place.”

It is not yet clear what sort of role Lahren will fill at Fox Nation, but odds are she will get her own show as the streaming service will not be airing any of the cable channel’s broadcasts or reruns — due to cable contractual obligations — and will instead provide new original daily programming with new anchors and commentators.

“Fox Nation is designed to appeal to the Fox superfan,” Finley told The New York Times. “These are the folks who watch Fox News every night for hours at a time, the dedicated audience that really wants more of what we have to offer.”

Finley added that Fox News viewers “value our product so much, they go to hotels and if they can’t have Fox, they send us emails. They go on cruises, and if they can’t have Fox, they send us emails. This is a way for us to meet that demand.”

Fox’s new streaming service will no doubt prove successful as the Fox News brand carves out its own niche in the rapidly growing digital media landscape.

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