Tucker Carlson says leftist elites want to shut down opposing voices: ‘Fox News must be silenced’

On Thursday’s episode of his self-titled Fox News show, host Tucker Carlson blasted the mainstream media and its supporters for trying to shut his network down.

In an op-ed adapted from his Thursday opening monologue, Carlson charged that Democrats are “constructing a world designed to serve Jeff Bezos” and other liberal billionaire elites, leaving conservatives and right-wing networks like Fox in the dust.

“You’re an afterthought in that world, and if you get in the way, they will punish you,” Carlson said. “Indeed, they already are punishing you. Your right to say and think what you want, to read and watch what you want, that threatens them above all.”

He went on: “Why? Because if you have access to information, you can form your own judgments. A free internet is their enemy. The moment they took power, Democrats began a kind of counter-reformation against the free internet. They started the most sweeping mass censorship campaign in the history of this country.”

“The oligarchs hate it”

Speaking Thursday, Carlson named his own network as a target of the left’s ire, saying Fox “is the last big organization in the American news media that differs in even the smallest ways from the other big news organizations.”

“At this point, everyone else in the media is standing in crisp formation, in their starched matching uniforms and their little caps, patiently awaiting orders from the billionaire class. And then there’s Fox News off by itself, occasionally saying things that are slightly different from everyone else,” Carlson opined in the corresponding op-ed.

“On Fox, there are still journalists who are willing to think for themselves, and brave enough to say so out loud. It seems like that’s what journalism should be,” the Fox host added. “But in 2021, it’s a very rare thing and the oligarchs hate it.”

Carlson explained: “Bezos has sent forth his personal scribes from The Washington Post to make us go away. On command, they’ve written a number of columns suggesting that Fox News must be silenced and gone on television to demand the same.”

A look ahead

While those on the left work their hardest to silence conservative voices and even impeach a former president for his rhetoric, everyday Americans are dealing with real problems in their very real lives. The coronavirus continues to ravage the nation’s economy, and the death toll is still climbing even as vaccines are being distributed.

Meanwhile, many fear that President Joe Biden’s new energy policies will quickly kill thousands of desperately needed jobs. And, as Carlson noted, those on the left are still more worried about controlling the flow of information than helping out those who need it.

Worse still, the left is just getting started, and it is naive to expect them to pull back President Biden’s term drones on. Thanks to some hard losses in the House in the 2020 elections, Democrats have a razor-thin margin of power in Congress’ lower chamber, and they could lose it all in the midterms.

Now, Dems are just getting started on their revenge tour — and if Carlson is correct, Fox News and other media outlets like it may be in for a very long four years.

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