Campaign insider says Fox News ‘more fair’ to Bernie Sanders than MSNBC

Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager made a statement about Fox News that has everyone in stunned disbelief.

According to the Washington Times, Faiz Shakir said that notoriously liberal outlet MSNBC is “undermining” his efforts on Sanders’ behalf and that even Fox News is “more fair” to the senator from Vermont.

Establishment turns on Bernie

The mainstream media establishment certainly does not want Donald Trump in the White House, but liberal pundits seem to want Sanders even less.

As much as they despise Trump, they know that Sanders stands little chance of defeating him in a head-to-head general election battle.

Therefore several high-profile mainstream outlets appear to be bent on creating trouble for Sanders, treating him roughly the same way they do Trump.

According to the Washington Times, Shakir said, “It’s been a struggle to change the tone and the tenor of the coverage that we receive. They’ve been among the last to acknowledge that Bernie Sanders’s path to the nomination is real, and even when it’s become real, they frequently discount it.”

Funny, because that sounds an awful lot like a claim of fake news and seems to echo complaints Donald Trump has been making over the past few years about media bias.

Open disdain for voters

Some of the comments Shakir made about mainstream media treatment of Sanders and his boosters sound eerily familiar.

He stated, “It’s a condescending attitude: ‘Oh, they must not be that intelligent. They’re being deluded. They’re being conned. They’re all crazy Twitter bots.’ My view is that there’s a bit of detachment from MSNBC and the people who this campaign gets support from. It feels like they’re covering progressives from an elitist perspective.”

This is the same narrative commonly used to describe Trump supporters, as evidenced by the fact that CNN’s Don Lemon and a panel of on-air guests recently mocked allies of the president as uneducated rednecks.

Perhaps now everyone will start to realize that most mainstream media outlets are little more than bought-and-paid-for mouthpieces of the political elite.

Sanders enjoyed a free pass up until he became the front runner for the Democratic Party nomination, and he is now getting a bitter taste of the lengths to which the establishment media will go to engineer the result they desire.

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