Fox hosts lament spike in crime amid push to ‘defund’ police: ‘The land of left-wing lunacy’

Over the past year, the movement to “defund the police” has left massive crime spikes in its wake in a number of Democrat-run cities, especially New York City, where violent crime is soaring and politicians seem to be looking the other way.

According to Fox News, Jesse Watters, co-host of the network’s highly-rated show The Five, recently highlighted one incident in the Bronx wherein a man who was running from an assailant collided with two young girls on the sidewalk moments before the gun-toting assailant shot him in broad daylight.

Several of the co-hosts went on to agree that until local politicians in the crime-ridden cities stop with the disastrous policies of cutting police budgets, urban “anarchy” will continue to be the new normal.

A scary situation

The New York Police Department has released graphic and shocking video surveillance footage, shown below, of the frightening incident broached by Watters, sparking a renewed debate over the practice of defunding police departments and the obvious and often immediate consequences of doing so.

“The NYPD just put out a video of a man getting gunned down in broad daylight after running into two young children on the sidewalk. Thankfully the children are unharmed and the victim is expected to survive,” Watters said on Fox.

He went on to say that cutting police department budgets is leading to “anarchy in America,” warning that the situation will only worsen over time unless the progressive, anti-police policies are quickly reversed.

“The land of left-wing lunacy”

Co-host Dagen McDowell agreed that the increased bloodshed is on the hands of New York politicians, saying that the problem starts at the top with Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

“That is the land of left-wing lunacy,” McDowell said, according to Fox. “It starts with the governor, and look here in New York, this is Cuomo down to the mayor, the city council, the district attorneys who have demonized…the police because it makes them step back and people retire.”

She went on to point to the city’s only potential saving grace, which comes in the form of a liberal mayoral candidate, Eric Adams, who happens to be a former law enforcement officer running to replace current Mayor Bill de Blasio (D).

“I think that one of the tests will be the Democratic primary for mayor here in New York City because there is one guy in the lead, Adams, a former cop,” she said. “If he wins this primary he will be the next mayor because the other two are a disaster.”

It’s certainly not a coincidence at this point that the cities experiencing the largest uptick in violent crimes happen to be the cities where the “defund the police” movement had the most traction. Something needs to be done sooner than later before those once-great American cities become completely lawless.

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