Report: Former Fox host weighing plans to run for Congress in 2022

Not only could the 2022 midterms prove to be some of the most important elections for Republicans in modern history, but they could also end up some of the most interesting to watch, given the number of political outsiders reportedly mulling plans to run for public office.

According to the Washington Examiner, one such outsider who may throw their hat in the ring is former Wall Street trader and ex-Fox News personality Eric Bolling, who is said to be weighing the idea of launching a congressional campaign in his home state of South Carolina. 

The details

Bolling was not only a staple of the original cast of the hit Fox News afternoon program, The Five, but he also happens to be allied closely with former President Donald Trump — and, as we saw in two elections, the people of South Carolina love Trump, and they love people he supports.

Given his friendship with Trump, it’s not a stretch to presume that Bolling would receive a glowing endorsement from the former president should he decide to throw his hat into the ring next year, a move that would only increase his popularity and standing with Trump’s base.

Some have speculated that Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) could be Bolling’s target in the 2022 South Carolina congressional primaries, which would be significant, since Rice was one of a small handful of Republican lawmakers who voted in favor of impeaching then-President Trump for the second time earlier this year.

According to a report from Politico, however, there’s no information available yet on which South Carolina district Bolling plans to run in.

What we do know is that Trump has made it clear that he intends on fielding primary opponents to every GOP lawmaker who voted in favor of his impeachment — and if Bolling does decide to move forward, he would make the perfect weapon to challenge Rice.

“Total frustration”

It’s early in the game, so it’s not a surprise that Bolling hasn’t confirmed or denied plans to make a congressional run next year. Still, he didn’t hold back in commenting to Politico on his love for the Palmetto State and how its residents are unhappy with President Joe Biden’s progressive agenda.

“I absolutely love living in South Carolina and taking time to listen to voters (and viewers), and what I hear is total frustration with President Biden’s aggressive progressive agenda,” Bolling told the outlet, adding that “South Carolinians deserve conservative representation in D.C.”

Since being forced out of Fox News over sexual misconduct claims that he strongly denies to this day, Bolling has kept his name relevant in the media through a Sinclair Broadcasting show he hosted called America This Week. Bolling had the opportunity to interview Trump several times while hosting that show, though it was ultimately canceled earlier this year.

After Sinclair Broadcasting canceled his hit program, Bolling launched a popular podcast with NFL star Brett Favre called Bolling with Favre, where the pair talk about sports, politics, business, and other trending topics of the day.

With the combination of Bolling’s popularity among Fox News viewers and his high approval among Trump’s loyal base — not to mention his personal friendship with the former president — Bolling would certainly have a massive head start should he choose to run for office next fall. But only time will tell if he actually goes through with it.

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