Fox host says Dems want to use vote-by-mail to ‘overwhelm’ the system, undermine Trump win

A Fox News star made a tragic announcement Sunday about what Democrats really have up their sleeves ahead of November’s election.

According to Fox, Life, Liberty & Levin host Mark Levin alleged on the latest episode of Fox & Friends Weekend that Dems are pushing hard for mail-in voting because they want the system to “collapse,” clearing the way for them to call Donald Trump an illegitimate president if he wins.

Why now?

It should be noted that we’ve had crises like COVID-19 in America before, and widespread mail-in voting was never an option. It begs the question: why now?

According to Levin, the Democrats have some tricks up their sleeves.

“Why are they doing this? Why are they suddenly, this year with this president, interested in mail-in voting?” he said Sunday, according to Fox. “To collapse it, to overwhelm it.”

According to Levin, the logistics of widespread vote-by-mail would simply be too complex for states to manage.

“The states are incapable of doing 100 million potentially or 80 million or 60 million people with mail-in voting,” he said Sunday, according to Fox. “We’ve never seen this before.”

That’s not all

Levin certainly hit the nail on the head here. We know from past elections that when mail-in voting is used on a large scale, it can take weeks for results to come back.

With millions voting in a national election, there’s a real concern that the vote couldn’t be tallied by Inauguration Day.

What’s more, Democrat White House hopeful Joe Biden announced in July that he had put together a team of attorneys and volunteers who he said are ready to challenge the election results if they think something funny is going on. Perhaps with this in mind, Levin said Sunday that Dems are “ready to litigate in states like [former Vice President Al] Gore started to litigate against [George W.] Bush and no matter what, they’re going to claim victory.”

“If Trump wins the battleground states by a few thousand, or a few tens of thousands, they’re going to say he oppressed and suppressed the vote, look at the mail-in vote,” Levin contended, according to Fox.

It seems if Americans want a fair election, they’ll need to line up at the polls this November. It’s the only way to ensure every voice is heard — and counted.

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