Fox News host tries to goad Trump into war

President Donald Trump is taking fire from every angle right now, including the usually friendly hosts on Fox & Friends.

After backing out of the Iran strike, hosts Brian Kilmeade and Pete Hegseth stunned fans by both agreeing that President Trump made a mistake by not striking back at Iran. 

Staying Consistent

Brian Kilmeade fired the first shot at Trump. His point was that had Barack Obama done what Trump had done, “every Republican would be losing their mind.”

For him, this was about showing strength and not backing down from this threat.

Hegseth was all too happy to agree with him.

“No, it’s true,” he said. “Our strength and the image in the world, the image from the Irani regime matters at this moment, very much so.”

Time and Patience

What both of these two men seem to be forgetting is that one of Trump’s main platforms was ending our involvement in the “endless wars” in the Middle East.

Nobody is trying to pretend the attack by Iran was not serious, because it is.

However, you really do have to weigh the price of an unmanned drone against actions that could start a devastating war.

Is the risk of getting the United States involved in yet another conflict in the Middle East that could cost thousands of American lives really worth the $130 million cost of the drone?

Trump may have said the reason he canceled the attack was because of the possible loss of life on the other side, but he surely took into account what could happen on our end in a worst-case scenario.

For now, prudence does some to be the better measure, even if the hosts at Fox & Friends believe it not to be so.

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