Fox News host praises USMCA as Trump’s ‘single biggest bipartisan legislative victory’

When then-candidate Donald Trump was first running for office, he incessantly decried the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as a lopsided and unfair trade deal that, if president, he would work diligently to replace.

That campaign promise was fulfilled on Wednesday when the president signed the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA), a trade deal that Fox News anchor Bret Baier has described as “the single biggest bipartisan legislative victory” for Trump and his administration, according to a report from The Hill.

The importance of USMCA

Baier’s comments on the signing of the USMCA trade deal came during Fox’s coverage of the Wednesday signing ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House, where the president was surrounded by fellow Republican lawmakers — but no Democrats — and blue-collar workers who stand to benefit from the terms of the deal.

“Listen, it’s hard to overstate the importance of USMCA,” Baier said on Fox. “This is the single biggest bipartisan legislative victory for this president and this administration.

“It is a huge deal,” he continued, according to The Hill. “It is something he promised, and rightly, he says that everybody at the beginning said, ‘That’s crazy. That is never going to happen.’ Both left and right said that.”

However, Baier said, “they powered through, Ambassador [U.S. Trade Representative Robert] Lighthizer leading the way, along with Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, and others. But the president got this across the finish line. This is a big, big win,” he added. Listen to his remarks below.

A big win downplayed by the media

In contrast to Baier’s rightful praise of President Trump’s accomplishment with the USMCA, Newsbusters reports that Trump’s achievement received short shrift, if any mention at all, by the broadcast networks’ news coverage.

On nightly news broadcasts for ABC, CBS, and NBC, the historic signing of the deal was barely even noted, and even then, its significance was downplayed, or the focus was placed on the House Democrats who had negotiated some changes to the deal and were attempting — with the media’s help — to take credit for the whole thing.

However, while it is true that Democrats had a hand in finalizing some of the terms of the agreement and voted overwhelming to pass it through both the House and Senate, they never would have done so had Trump and his team not pushed throughout the first two years of his term to lay all of the necessary groundwork.

In the meantime, with Mexico having already approved the USMCA, and with President Trump and Congress having signed off on it, the deal only awaits a final vote of approval from Canada to take effect.

This is indeed a huge achievement for President Trump, made all the more stunning by the fact that it came in a truly bipartisan fashion, even as Democrats are simultaneously seeking to remove Trump from office. Don’t think that President Trump won’t tout this major accomplishment as he shrugs off the failed impeachment effort and campaigns for re-election this year.

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