Fox host Greg Gutfeld jokes that Trump was ‘radicalized’ by Fox News

It is nothing new for President Donald Trump to lash out against the “fake news” media that incessantly attacks him, but some believe they have noticed a recent uptick in the fervency and frequency of Trump’s broadsides against the media outlets arrayed against him.

That was the topic of discussion in a segment Thursday for the co-hosts of Fox News’ “The Five,” and co-host Greg Gutfeld suggested that the Fox network may have played a role in Trump’s transformation and increased animosity toward the media over the years.

According to The Hill, Gutfeld remarked on how Trump used to be fairly liberal but had changed over time, and jokingly theorized that he may have been “radicalized” by Fox News.

A “radicalized” Fox viewer

At the tail end of a segment covering some of Trump’s recent Twitter tirades against the “fake news” media and Trump’s use of Twitter more generally, co-host Dana Perino wondered why the president didn’t utilize social media to spread positive news more often.

“Because that’s not him,” Gutfeld countered. “You know what it is? Trump was radicalized by something, because he was a Democrat for a long time, he was fairly — he was pro-choice, liberal, many things.”

“He was radicalized. What was he radicalized by? Us, Fox News,” Gutfeld said. Perino chimed in that once Trump started watching Fox News, “The world started to make sense.”

An alternative Fox News show

“So all he’s doing, Juan, is what we do, which is we bash the media,” he continued. “So he’s turned the White House into, kind of like an alternative Fox show.”

While Gutfeld laughed heartily a stunned Juan Williams asked, “I thought you were trying to help him?” Gutfeld replied, “No, I’m actually saying it’s kind of refreshing.”

You can watch the segment right here. The relevant portion begins shortly after the 8:00 mark:

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Gutfeld was quite obviously joking, but his comment played right into the hand of those on the left who’ve already been pointing out Trump’s friendly relationship with Fox News while labeling liberal media outlets like CNN and The New York Times, among others, as “fake news” and “enemies of the people,” as was alluded to by Williams.

Whether Gutfeld’s theory is correct or not, in that Fox News was responsible for Trump’s apparent ideological shift over the years, it is obvious that something happened to push him more toward the conservative way of thinking. And for that we can all be grateful.

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