Fox star renews calls for Cuomo’s impeachment over nursing home scandal: ‘He was lying’

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean just reiterated her call for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) to be impeached amid the fallout from his infamous nursing home scandal, Breitbart reports. 

Cuomo has taken flak for months for his policy early in the COVID-19 pandemic of forcing nursing homes and other assisted living facilities to accept coronavirus-positive patients while they were still recovering — but it got worse when an aide to the governor revealed earlier this year that Cuomo’s office had purposefully underreported the number of deaths in these facilities ultimately brought on the viral disease.

The latest New York Times report on the controversy indicated Cuomo’s staffers had spent “at least five months” trying to cover up the truth.

The Times revealed: “A scientific paper, which incorporated the data, was never published. An audit of the numbers by a top Cuomo aide was finished months before it became publicly known. Two letters, drafted by the Health Department and meant for state legislators, were never sent.”

“He had a book to sell”

Now, Dean, who lost her parents to COVID-19 after they lived in a New York nursing home and who has long been one of Cuomo’s most vocal critics, is again speaking up about the discrepancy — and calling for accountability.

“Our lawmakers in Albany need to do something,” Dean said during an appearance Thursday on Fox and Friends, according to Breitbart. “This whitewash of an impeachment is ridiculous. Go in there today and get it done.”

Dean also explained why she believed Cuomo “and his top aides, including Melissa DeRosa, [went] to such great lengths to make sure that no one would find out the real total of the deaths.”

“I think it’s because it’s criminal and he had a book to sell, a $4 million book,” the Fox star claimed, noting that Cuomo “would go on these interviews on television, when they would finally ask him the question about the nursing homes, he would give false information and he knew all along he was lying.”

“There are at least four investigations into this governor,” Dean said, as Breitbart reported. “How much more do you need to get him out?”

But wait, there’s more

This all comes as Cuomo still hasn’t faced the music over multiple claims of sexual harassment against him, despite heavy criticism from both Republicans and fellow Democrats.

The governor has consistently denied any wrongdoing. But are voters in New York really buying it?

Only time will tell.

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