Fox forces Laura Trump to depart after Donald Trump announced 2024 candidacy

Lara Trump and Fox News have reportedly parted ways. 

As the Washington Examiner put it, it appears that former President Donald Trump’s announcement of his candidacy for the U.S. presidency has, more or less, cost his daughter-in-law her job over at Fox News.

For those less familiar with Lara Trump, she is the wife of Eric Trump, Trump’s second-oldest son behind Donald Trump Jr.

About a year ago, Lara Trump became a paid contributor for Fox News.

“We appreciate Lara”

Fox News has confirmed the departure of Lara Trump.

A Fox News Media spokesperson put out a statement, saying, “we appreciate Lara’s valuable contributions across Fox News Media programming.”

The Daily Mail reports that this is in line with Fox’s “longstanding rule banning contributors from being linked to active campaigns.”

But, the matter might not be as simple as that.

Is Fox showing its true colors?

For one thing, the Daily Mail reports, “although her departure from the network is on good terms and based on the channel’s protocol, former White House officials have normally been welcomed to appear as contributors on cable networks.”

The Los Angeles Times offers a couple of explanatory suggestions.

One is that Lara Trump is “directly connected to [an] active campaign,” as opposed to “former White House officials and political operatives” who are not.

A second suggestion, however, may be more to the point. The outlet writes:

Her exit is said to be amicable and based solely on company protocol, but it comes after Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of Fox News parent Fox Corporation, made it clear that he does not support the former president’s decision to pursue the White House again. While criticism of Trump on Fox News has been muted, the editorial pages of Murdoch’s print outlets the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal have been harsh in their assessments.

Trump v. Fox

There is certainly no love lost between Fox News and former President Trump, particularly following the 2020 presidential election when Fox extremely prematurely called Arizona for Joe Biden. Trump has insisted that Fox, with the likes of Paul Ryan at the helm, has been against him for some time now, which he says is demonstrated by the fact that Fox has been giving him a lot of unfair coverage.

With that in mind, it would not be that surprising if there is more to Lara Trump’s departure than what initially meets the eye.

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