Fox News’ Harris Faulkner to host primetime special on race relations

Anybody who watches Fox News during the mid-day hours knows that Harris Faulkner, host of both “Outnumbered” and “Outnumbered Overtime,” is one of the brightest rising stars on a network that already boasts a number of top-rated stars, like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

Confirming Faulkner’s status is the fact that she is increasingly being selected for special assignments and granted greater coverage and responsibilities, as was recently detailed in a generally fair profile by Variety.

Faulkner to host prime-time special

The impetus for the piece was the news that Faulkner will be hosting a primetime special, this time with her name as the lead, on Sunday night. “Harris Faulkner Presents: The Fight for America” will address the ongoing national debate in America over civil unrest and race relations and police reforms.

“We are going to take some important voices to the conversation, and we are going to talk real and raw,” Faulkner told Variety. Speaking of her own biracial marriage, the Fox host said, “We are raw with each other,” and added, “I think that’s where we all need to be as Americans. We can take it.”

Real journalism

Variety noted that this won’t be Faulkner’s first primetime special, but did point out that the frequency of her special assignments has increased in recent months. She teamed up with Fox colleague Bill Hemmer for a town hall event with President Donald Trump and also had a solo interview with the president in June.

A similar profile from the Associated Press heralded the manner in which Faulkner takes on tough topics, sometimes of the kind that are personal to her, and still manages to not reveal to viewers or co-workers what her personal biases on the issue truly are.

That is perhaps especially true for topics like race in America or the movement to defund police departments. Faulkner told the AP that her goal is to bring about “a conversation that needs to have everybody at the table, not just the people shouting in the streets.”

Tough conversations

Fox News reported that Faulkner’s special on Sunday will be the fourth town hall event to be hosted by the six-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, the timing of which is now “more critical than ever.”

In discussing her upcoming special with “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade on Friday, Faulkner revealed some of the big names and network personalities that would be joining her, saying, “We need everybody’s opinion.” Fellow Fox star Sean Hannity, NBA team owner Mark Cuban, and Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) are among those who will be joining her.

“There’s a conversation that needs to be had about opening up. We can’t judge each other so much. Don’t judge every cop by what you see,” she said, then shifted to the incident that sparked the anti-police protests nearly two months ago.

“All of this started at a place when we were together. Remember those eight minutes and 46 seconds that George Floyd suffered. We agreed that was murder. All of us as Americans. We agreed that was wrong. And then look at us, we’re divided.”

Given the attention she has already received from the mainstream media, it is a safe bet that there will be a lot of folks watching on Sunday. Presuming all goes well, we can probably expect to see Faulkner to continue taking on even more prominent roles at Fox News.

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