Fox News host Steve Hilton exposes corruption in NRA

The National Rifle Association is serving a noble cause and has been doing important work for decades. Despite that, it is important to ensure the organization remains accountable to its constituents. Big organizations that handle a lot of money are prime targets for grifters.

The NRA has been struggling with corrupt individuals in the ranks of its leadership over the last few months. Fox News host Steve Hilton shocked viewers by putting one such person on blast. 

Taking Advantage

The NRA is doing important work and has done so for years, and that work is even more important today with the gun control fear-mongering that is going around.

Even President Donald Trump has touted some ill-advised gun-control ideas in the wake of the recent mass shootings.

That is why it is ever so important that people not committed to protecting our rights be purged from the NRA. One such individual is CEO Wayne LaPierre.

Hilton put LaPierre on blast for his obvious corruption. Hilton referred to LaPierre as “an odious grifter.” The Wall Street Journal reported that LaPierre had convinced the NRA to pay for his $6.5 million mansion in Dallas, TX.

There is no justification for that kind of expenditure. Money donated to the NRA is to be used to protect Second Amendment rights, not fund the CEO’s lavish lifestyle.

The fact that LaPierre wasn’t immediately fired for even attempting such financial impropriety is terrible.

Breaking Trust

The NRA relies on donations to do its work — donations most people are comfortable making, knowing the money goes to protect their rights.

People will not donate if their money is used to fund the luxurious lifestyles of high officials in the organization.

LaPierre is nothing but an amoral conman looking to take advantage of the American people.

The NRA needs to get rid of anyone more interested in enriching themselves than protecting our rights. If the NRA can’t focus on protecting our fundamental liberties, it has no reason to exist.

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