An ‘aggressive fox’ near Capitol building attacked and bit a Democratic congressman, others

Washington D.C. was all abuzz in recent days over repeated sightings of a fox around the Capitol building, which given the season was likely a mother guarding a nearby den of baby kits.

The so-called Senate fox, due to its proximity to the Senate’s Russell building, has now been apprehended, however, after it allegedly bit several people, including Rep. Ami Bera (D-CA), Fox News reported.

The congressman did not appear to sustain any injuries in the attack but reportedly went ahead and obtained rabies shots as a precautionary measure.

Fox attacks Democrat (the animal, not the news network)

The incident was first reported in a thread of tweets by Punchbowl News reporter Heather Caygle, who quoted Rep. Bera as saying the fox attack had been “unprovoked” and described how he had used an umbrella to dissuade the small but fierce animal from continuing the assault.

The reporter further shared an obvious joke from the Democratic congressman, who said, “I expect to get attacked if I go on Fox News, I don’t expect to get attacked by a fox.”

Caygle noted that Bera is a doctor who decided that, despite the fox bite not breaking his skin, he nonetheless decided to get a series of rabies shots out of an “abundance of caution” and also posted a picture of the damage the bite had caused to the Sacramento-area lawmaker’s pants.

Rabies a real concern

Those tweets from the reporter were, in turn, shared in a tweet by Rep. Bera, who humorously referenced a one-hit-wonder pop song and wrote, “What does the fox say? Last night, I found out …”

“Joking aside, animal bites are extremely serious. In the case of an encounter, please speak with a physician immediately,” he added with a link to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s page on rabies. “Happy to report that I am healthy and back at work serving the people of #CA07.”

Meanwhile, Fox News noted that, according to Capitol Police, at least six individuals including the congressman, as well as a Politico reporter, had reported being attacked or bitten by the small fox running around the Capitol complex.

“Aggressive fox” finally “captured” by police

For what it is worth, the Capitol Police issued a warning via Twitter Tuesday afternoon about the “aggressive fox encounters” and urged the public to not approach any foxes that might be seen while also noting that Animal Control was attempting to “trap and relocate” any foxes in the area, which they eventually succeeded in doing, according to an update tweet.

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