New Fox Business show focuses on ‘journey’ of average Americans buying ‘dream home’

Fox Business Network announced last month that it would be implementing some substantial changes to its primetime lineup.

One executive said at the time that the network’s on-air offerings would highlight “success stories across key American industries,” and this week some details surfaced about one such program.

“Stories of real people”

Reporter-turned-host Cheryl Casone will be presenting American Dream Home, a series she promised would be quite different from the multitude of other home renovation shows available on other channels.

She told viewers to anticipate “stories of real people, average Americans” who are in the market to buy their dream homes.

“They’ve worked hard, they’ve overcome obstacles, they’ve seen heartbreaks,” Casone said. “This is about not just how they got there and their humble beginnings in many cases, but also what the reward was.”

The 20-episode series will air at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesdays and will feature a mix of beach and mountain backdrops for the televised home searches. According to the host, the show’s narratives will be guided more by the “journey” of the prospective homeowners than that property they ultimately choose.

“It’s not necessarily a traditional real estate show or a household show,” Casone added. “It’s much more than that. It’s really, you know, bringing you along and introducing to these people and showcasing them.”

“In a position to buy the dream home”

All of the participants have something in common, she said, noting: “It’s something that they’ve wanted in some instances all of their lives. And they’re finally able, in a position to buy the dream home, to buy the perfect home.”

As for what constitutes a dream home, that varies from family to family. Casone explained that there will be “very expensive” homes featured on the show “and some not so much.”

When she spoke to Mediaite about the new opportunity, she highlighted a personal connection she has to the current volatile real estate market.

“I bought my first home when I was 22-years-old, and I taught myself the stock market when I was 22-years-old, so I know these people’s journeys because I did it myself,” she explained. “I have bought, sold, flipped, and renovated homes, and I believe in real estate to my core.”

In the end, however, Casone insisted that the people behind the stories she presents are the true focus, expressing thanks to those who are “opening up their lives” to share the “personal stories” behind their dream home searches.

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