Fox Business drops Judicial Watch head over migrant caravan comment

Fox News is apparently turning to the dark side.

After Judicial Watch head Chris Farrell revealed the truth about the migrant caravan, Fox News executives dropped him from future appearances.

Just the Truth

Farrell and his organization have gone to great lengths to expose political corruption.

In doing so, Farrell has established some rather significant contacts throughout the world.

Apparently, some of those contacts are members of the Guatemalan government.

While appearing with Lou Dobbs, Farrell claimed that there has been “criminal involvement on the part of these leftist mobs” in regard to the migrant caravan headed for the U.S. southern border.

He further stated: “It’s a highly organized, very elaborate sophisticated operation. I have that from the highest levels of the Guatemalan government.

Farrell also stated that some of the people involved in the organization of the caravan “are getting money from the Soros-occupied State Department.”


While Farrell clearly does not work for Fox News, his appearances on the network are great for promoting Judicial Watch.

The fact that Fox News executives were so upset over his comments is indeed disturbing.

They are, in essence, trying to silence one of the largest and most respected political watchdogs in existence.

Furthermore, the wording of the statement released by Fox News undermines everything Farrell said in his interview.

Gary Schreier, the senior VP of programming for Fox News, stated: “We condemn the rhetoric by the guest on Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

CNN also reported not only is Fox pulling the interview from its reruns, the network will no longer book Farrell as a guest on any shows aired on the network.

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Considering the reputation of Judicial Watch, you’d think Farrell wouldn’t make such a claim unless he was able to prove what he said.

It is truly a sad day in this country when the media is either afraid of the truth or just flat out refuses to publicize it.

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