Fox broadcaster speaks out about her photos leaked online

An invasion of privacy is something that often takes a serious toll on the victim, especially when it involves intimate pictures.

Charissa Thompson, a Fox Sports broadcaster, after having her photos hacked and leaked online, said that months later, she is finally getting some of her privacy back.

The Hack

Thompson is in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend.

As many before her have done, she exchanged intimate pictures with her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, access to her photos was hacked and some of those pictures made their way online for all to see.

Thompson stated, “So it felt – the obvious – like such an invasion.”

The road back has been a long one.

She continued, “But then the depths I am still taking to get back that privacy are unbelievable.”

Thompson stated the way her privacy was violated was no different than someone breaking into your home and going through all of your intimate things.

No Justice

As you may recall, something similar happened to another TV personality, Erin Andrews.

In that case, a stalking fan set up a camera to view her in her hotel room.

The man took several pictures of Andrews nude, prior to getting dressed.

He then leaked out the photos.

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The difference, though, was this man was caught and end up being sentenced to several years in jail.

While Andrews at least got some justice, Thompson had not enjoyed the same closure.

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