Fox News legal analyst Bob Massi dies at age 67

Fox News veteran Bob Massi died at home from cancer on Wednesday. He was 67.

A lawyer and real estate expert, Massi was a fixture on Fox since it began in 1996 with shows on Fox News and Fox Business.

Journalists and Fox colleagues expressed their condolences for the Nevada lawyer, known as the “Property Man.”

Legendary Fox pundit dies

Massi succumbed to cancer at home in Henderson, NV after a long battle, his family said.

He hopped on board with Fox in the early days when the cable giant was first laying the foundations for its huge success. Fox wrote up a moving obituary for Massi, describing him as a relatable host who broke down the complexities of the housing market for everyday people with a sense of humor on his show, “Bob Massi is the Property Man.”

A legal analyst and real estate lawyer from Nevada, Massi also appeared on Fox & Friends with bits “Rebuilding Dreams” and “Legal Ease.”

The “Property Man” was proud to be only the second legal analyst the network ever hired, Fox noted. He shared legal commentary in regular appearances on Fox in the early years.

Massi graduated from St. Mary’s University School of Law and started practicing law in 1980. He had his own Nevada firm, Robert A. Massi & Associates.

His TV career began in Las Vegas in 1985. Since joining Fox in the 1990s, Massi covered high-profile cases like the trials of OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, the Unabomber, and Casey Anthony.

Colleagues mourn Fox contributor’s death

Numerous Fox journalists expressed sorrow at the loss of a friendly pundit who worked at Fox for so many years.

“Bob Massi was one of the nicest guys at Fox. Always had a smile for everyone. Wishing his loved ones much love,” wrote former Fox anchor Megyn Kelly. Fox contributor Geraldo Rivera tweeted:

Even former Fox giant Bill O’Reilly chimed in, saying: “Fox News analyst Bob Massi passed. Good, smart guy with an honest view of life. Peace, Bob.”

Massi is survived by a big family, including wife Lynne, sons Dominic and Robert, daughter Genna, brothers Albert and James, and six grandchildren.

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