Fox News blasts advertisers for dropping Tucker Carlson

Fox News isn’t taking any pushback from liberal snowflakes.

After language software giant Babbel pulled its advertising from Tucker Carlson’s primetime Fox News show, the network blasted the company, along with other advertisers that have bowed to public pressure in recent months.

The Problem

Babbel fully admitted that it has bought advertising space on Fox News — the company apparently just never expected its ads to show up on the “horrifying” Tucker Carlson Tonight.

They became aware of the ad placement after Sleeping Giants, a self-proclaimed watchdog against “bigotry and sexism,” blasted out a tweet about it.

Sleeping Giants is an organization that was founded immediately after Trump won the election.

Its mission statement, per its Facebook page, reads: “Founded after the 2016 US Presidential Election, Sleeping Giants is dedicated to stopping racist, sexist, anti-Semitic and homophobic news sites by stopping their ad dollars. Because of ‘programmatic’ ad buying, many companies don’t even know they are appearing on these sites. We inform them and help them take their ads down.”

As the mission statement suggests, Sleeping Giants have literally declared themselves the internet police of ads.

But for all we know, this is some liberal whackjob sitting in his or her basement dedicated to making people’s lives miserable.

Canceling Ads

Still, that liberal whackjob was effective, at least in part. In response to Sleeping Giants’ condemnation, Babbel sent out a tweet apologizing and groveling to the left:

Needless to say, the backlash was instantaneous among conservative users of Babbel, who posted a wave of screenshots depicting their subscription cancellations.

Fox News also responded to the tweet by Babbel, writing:

The millions of unduplicated viewers watching Tucker Carlson Tonight are extremely valuable to our advertisers.

Our audience is not only deeply loyal to the brand, but to our top tier partners as well, of which Babble is not one.

We will not allow voices like Tucker Carlson’s to be censored by agenda-driver intimidation efforts from the intolerant partisan activists Media Matters, Sleeping Giants and whose only goal is to silence conservative thought they don’t agree with.

This was a bold statement by Fox, a company that has remained relatively silent during these boycotts of their on-air hosts.

But it looks like the network is finally stepping up and standing behind its values. Conservatives everywhere should do the same.

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