Fox’s Bill Hemmer leaves ‘America’s Newsroom’

In early December, it was announced that veteran Fox News host Bill Hemmer will be leaving Fox’s “America’s Newsroom,” and will be taking over the afternoon slot formerly hosted by Shepherd Smith, another Fox veteran who recently called it quits.

This past Friday was Hemmer’s bittersweet last day hosting the show. 

Touching words

As is usually the case when a longtime host steps aside, Hemmer had some parting words for his viewers. “I want to say this,” he began. “I think what people on the outside of Fox don’t understand about the people who work at Fox is that I consider you a friend, also.”

Hemmer then continued with a message for his stage manager and all of his Fox colleagues. “And, Ben, I consider you a friend,” he said. “And, everyone else around here on staff. And, that brings a certain unity to the process that we do every day and I think that’s really special and I consider it really important — a really important part about what we do. We’re in it together in a significant way every day. So, [I’m] not going far.”

At this point, co-host Sandra Smith interjected with a few words of her own.

“Can I just add to that?” she asked. “There is not a person in this building – inside or out – that you mention Bill Hemmer’s name and they don’t say, ‘That’s a great guy.’ Because he is. And, he’s a great journalist.”

The good news

Although it is always sad when something good comes to an end, Hemmer really is not going far.

Instead, he will just be heading over to the 3 pm weekday timeslot where he will take over the spot vacated by Shepherd Smith and will host a show of his own, “Bill Hemmer Reports.”

“On to greater things. On to another chapter. And, it’s just that — it’s another chapter,” Hemmer said. “So please come along for the ride.” The ride will begin this upcoming Monday.

Unlike Smith, who alienated conservative Fox fans with his negative coverage of President Donald Trump, Hemmer says he will focus on reporting the news, not opinion.

“I don’t walk in the door thinking about 100 ways to change government,” he told the AP. “I don’t think that way. I don’t believe I’m built that way. I’m much more comfortable in this news lane than I would ever be as an opinion anchor.”

“America’s Newsroom,” meanwhile, will continue with Sandra Smith as a co-anchor. Joining her as a replacement for Hemmer will be journalist Ed Henry.

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