Fox News announces Bill Hemmer as replacement for Shep Smith

The midday anchor desk on Fox News has finally been filled.

The network has reportedly settled on replacing recently-departed anchor Shepard Smith with Bill Hemmer at the 3 p.m slot.

The Smith problem

Since the inception of Fox News, Smith manned an anchor desk. While his live reporting was always impeccable, his work as an anchor was less than stellar.

After President Donald Trump took office, Smith would often interject his personal opinions into stories while he was reading the news.

This caused considerable outrage among conservatives simply because Smith was not supposed to be running an opinion show but rather a news desk.

Over the last year or so, the calls for Smith’s removal grew quite loud, as did the anchor’s animosity for both the president and his own network.

A few months before Smith quit, there were rumors that were never corroborated that Smith and some of his more conservative co-workers got into verbal jousts over Trump.

Then, in October, Smith stunned everyone by announcing his retirement on a Friday afternoon broadcast and that was it — he was off the air.

Big changes

Former CNN anchor and Fox employee since 2005, Bill Hemmer will now reportedly be taking over the desk and will surely bring the sort of neutral professionalism that has been sorely lacking in that time slot for years.

A high bar has been set at the network by Bret Baier, someone who never interjects his own political opinions into a broadcast.

Hemmer has been a rising star at Fox for some time. He currently is the co-host of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom and is a significant part of election coverage during the season.

Most viewers will fully welcome Hemmer simply for the fact they can expect to finally hear an unbiased reading of the news at 3 p.m. every day.

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