Fox News draws criticism after it chose to air Pence speech but ignore Trump speech

Many supporters of former President Donald Trump realized quite some time ago that, other than a few hosts and contributors, the Fox News network was generally not favorable toward or supportive of the former president.

That reality was crystalized Tuesday when Fox News declined to broadcast live any portion of a speech Trump delivered at an event in Washington D.C. just hours after the network had aired live a portion of a speech delivered by former Vice President Mike Pence at a separate event, Breitbart reported.

Trump’s speech at the America First Policy Institute summit was the former president’s first time returning to D.C. since leaving office, while Pence was also in D.C. to speak at the Young America’s Foundation’s national student conference.

The outlet noted that, in the eyes of some Trump supporters, the decision by Fox News to not air Trump’s speech after airing Pence’s speech provided a clear display of the preferences of the network and its executives and producers.

Fox News aired Pence’s speech and ignored Trump’s speech

Mediaite reported that former VP Pence spoke first at the YAF conference and Fox News aired around 15 minutes of that speech, and though neither CNN nor MSNBC aired any of Pence’s speech live, those networks did play clips and hold panel discussions about what Pence had said.

Just hours later, former President Trump delivered his speech to the AFPI summit but was completely ignored by all three major cable news networks, though it was noted that Newsmax aired Trump’s speech in its entirety.

However, while Fox News didn’t broadcast the speech from Trump, it was discussed on-air later in the day, particularly during the primetime hours by hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

Fox News’s parent company News Corp. reportedly “moving on” from Trump

The Independent reported that the decision by Fox News to not air any of Trump’s speech after broadcasting part of Pence’s speech earlier appeared to be yet another sign that News Corp., the Rupert Murdoch-owned parent company of Fox News, was in the process of “moving on” from Trump.

The outlet seemed to indicate that, outside of the primetime hosts and some contributors and guests, the network had increasingly become ambivalent, if not openly hostile, toward the former president, which Trump himself has noted in recent speeches and social media posts.

That also coincides with the fact that the editorial boards of two major News Corp.-owned newspapers, the Wall Street Journal and New York Post, recently lambasted the former president for his alleged role in 2021’s Jan. 6 Capitol riot, both in terms of his alleged incitement of the mob as well as his alleged inaction to try and call off the mob once the Capitol building had been breached.

Fox News is still generally better than rival alternatives

To be sure, many Trump supporters long ago wrote off Fox News and quit watching, whether because of the network’s unfriendly coverage of the pandemic response, the 2020 election, the impeachment trials, or the Capitol riot.

That said, given that Fox News remains the least liberally biased of the major cable news networks, many of the former president’s supporters still get their news from that particular source, though this latest snub of Trump could reduce those numbers further.

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