Fox to air interview where OJ Simpson tells how he would kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

If there are still any humans with access to the media that still believe O.J. Simpson is innocent of murdering his ex-wife and her friend, this could change their minds.

Fox is set to air a lost “confession” from the former football star where he details how he would have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman “if” he did it.

If I Did It.

The special, titled “OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?” was recorded in 2006 as an interview between Simpson and TV host Judith Regan.

The interview was based on the book he wrote, titled “If I Did It,” written by ghostwriter Pablo Fenjves, which is a telling of how Simpson would have committed the murders if he did it.

The word if should be in quotations as there are not many reasonable people who believe that Simpson did not play some role in the murders.

But he was acquitted by a California jury of the murders in 1995.

The Confession.

Sources close to the interview said that Simpson’s account of what could have happened sounded a lot more like a first hand account of the murders, TMZ reported.

The sources said that Simpson described going to Nicole’s house, wearing a hat and gloves and carrying a knife, to “scare the s**t out of her.”

He said he would have taken his Bronco, the one made famous when Simpson ran from the police, and brought a friend with him.

He said he would have then peered into Nicole’s window and witnessed her lighting candles as she expected a male visitor.

It is at that point when Goldman came by, according to Simpson’s account of what would have happened, and that is when he and Goldman got into a fight.

This is when he said Nicole would have come outside to help Goldman and Simpson would have blacked out and killed them both.

“Forget everything you think you know about that night, because I know the facts better than anyone,” Simpson said in a teaser video.

“This is one story the whole world got wrong,” he said.

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The entire world O.J.?

Are you certain it was not just 12 people in a California courtroom?

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