Fowl play: 'Shots fired' turns into 'goose getting cooked'

 March 13, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A report of shots fired gets the attention of any police department. More so when there are multiple reports of shots fired.

But in Thermopolis, Wyoming, the resulting investigation led only to a goose that had been cooked by hitting a power line.

new report from the Cowboy State Daily explained a residential camera "picked up the audio from the incident."

The shot, recorded at about the 10-second point, was followed by a power outage.

"Long story short," the city's police reported, "a goose hit the power lines near the Hot Springs State Park dog park."

The collision triggered grid fuses to blow, too.

Former state lawmaker Tyler Lindholm, also a former power lineman, explained such incidents have occurred before, but usually involve eagles, or owls.

"This is the first time I've heard of a goose getting cooked."

He told the publication, "You need something that maintains current between the two phases. The goose in this situation was robust enough that it held current for a long enough period. That's what blew the fuses."

"It went phase to phase, not phase to ground."

Another video showed a similar event in Illinois.

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