Founder of billion-dollar company breaks out two D-words for Biden

November 7, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The founder of a megacorporation worth billions and billions and billions of dollars says Joe Biden is the "most divisive" president America ever has had, and he's a "dunce."

The comment comes from Bernie Marcus, who with financier Ken Langone and businessman Arthur Blank created the Home Depot empire that employs nearly half a million people across America.

And it came in a commentary at the New York Post Charles Gasparino.

Marcus, now 94, retired from Home Depot two decades back, but still remains in the fight to assure Americans of free-market economies.

"A little more than a decade ago, he created a free-market advocacy group, the Job Creators Network, which lobbies on behalf of entrepreneurs and small businesses," the report said.

He warned American voters about the coming 2024 election, in which Joe Biden has claimed he is running, despite a multitude of mental and physical lapses in recent years that have made him the butt of jokes about senior citizens.

"I’ve said this to all of my friends, anybody who would listen: if this election goes the way the last one went, this country will be a Third World country," Marcus said.

Opposite Joe Biden likely will be President Donald Trump, seeking his second term in office. He's some 50 points ahead of other GOP candidates, and recently released polling shows he would beat Biden in five of the six battleground states that Biden used to move into the White House after the 2020 election.

Marcus said America's problems right now are the fault of Biden.

In fact, Biden's weakness in foreign policy has left the world unsettled with wars in Gaza and in Ukraine. He allowed inflation to exploded to as high as 9.1%, and it still remains touch-and-go for many American families to make their monthly budget. He's repeatedly attacked America's energy industry. He's undermined America, its interests and its people with his green ideology that includes the elimination of gasoline-powered vehicles.

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