Lincoln Project co-founder apologizes for sending ‘inappropriate’ messages to multiple men: Report

Co-founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project and prominent political strategist John Weaver confessed in a statement to Axios on Friday that he sent “inappropriate” text messages to a still-unknown number of men. 

Weaver said that although he is married with two children and loves his family, he is gay. “My inability to reconcile those two truths has led to this agonizing place,” the establishment Republican told Axios.

Some of the messages were reported to have been sexual in nature, and some offered possible jobs or political advancement to the men, according to Axios, which first broke the story after author Ryan James Girdusky posted a tweet about Weaver last week.

Accountability at work

The tweet came in response to the Lincoln Project saying it was compiling a database of Trump officials and staff to “hold them accountable” for supporting the president and working for him.

Although Girdusky’s original tweet didn’t name Weaver, a number of Twitter users who saw the tweet mentioned texts he had sent them and identified him as the one to whom Girdusky referred, Fox News reported.

In subsequent tweets, Girdusky said he had talked to a number of men who got unsolicited, sexually suggestive messages from Weaver over a period of months.

Weaver had taken a medical leave of absence from the Lincoln Project and now says he will not return to the organization, Axios notes.

Prior to co-founding the organization, Weaver was a GOP strategist and aide to former presidential candidates John McCain and John Kasich, both seen as political moderates, according to Fox.

Was it all politics?

While apologizing for making the men he exchanged messages with uncomfortable, Weaver also made excuses for his actions when speaking with Axios and accused those who broke the story of doing so for political reasons. The Republican said he thought all of the conversations were “consensual,” even as he admitted he now knows they were “inappropriate.”

“While I am taking full responsibility for the inappropriate messages and conversations, I want to state clearly that the other smears being leveled at me…are categorically false and outrageous,” Weaver told Axios.

I guess what goes around really does come around, sometimes.

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