‘Foul play’: Biden reacts to latest allegations involving son’s business affairs

Prior to Election Day, many in the mainstream media were willing to let Democrat Joe Biden skirt the brewing allegations against his son, Hunter.

In the wake of the younger Biden’s acknowledgment that he is the subject of a federal investigation, however, the former vice president is facing pressure to respond — even during a recent appearance on CBS’ The Late Show.

“What do you have to say?”

During a segment of the late-night talk show on Thursday, host Stephen Colbert lobbed a softball question on the topic to both Joe Biden and his wife, Jill.

The host posed his inquiry under the guise of asking the prospective president and first lady how they will “sustain each other for the attacks” that they can expect from the other side of the aisle.

“You know that the people who want to make hay in Washington are going to try to use your adult son as a cudgel against you,” Colbert claimed, according to CBS News. “How do you feel about that, and what do you have to say to those people?”

“I am not concerned”

For his part, the former vice president reiterated his previous statements of support for his son.

“We have great confidence in our son,” he said, as Breitbart reported. “I am not concerned about any accusations that have been made against him.”

Joe Biden went on to accuse his son’s critics of “foul play” but acknowledged that Hunter is “a grown man” and said that “as long as he’s good, we’re good.”

“Confident” in Hunter’s innocence

In response to a more direct line of questioning from Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy, Joe Biden offered a similar take.

“Are you confident that your son did nothing wrong?” Doocy asked during a press event in Delaware on Wednesday, according to a separate report from Breitbart.

Joe Biden simply replied: “I’m confident.”

As the latest updates in the Hunter Biden saga indicate, the federal probe into his business dealings seems to go deeper than mere “tax affairs,” as Hunter claimed in his public statement. One apparent focus of investigators is his seat on the board of the allegedly corrupt Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings — and only time will tell what the authorities uncover.

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