Former US Marine goes full superhero mode, thwarts armed gas station robbery

There’s nothing more refreshing than stories of everyday Americans springing into action to thwart potentially deadly crimes, and that’s exactly what happened, on camera, at a Yuma, Arizona gas station last week.

According to the Daily Caller, James Kilcer, a former U.S. Marine, was captured on surveillance camera immediately disarming a gun-toting thug as the would-be robber burst through the door with clear intentions of holding the clerk at gunpoint. 

The video of Kilcer’s remarkable reaction immediately went mega-viral, and it’s not surprising why once you see it for yourself. What appears to be a regular, blue-collar American minding his own business while walking out of the store turned into a scene that could have been straight from a Hollywood action film.


Kilcer, in what had to be literally a split-second thought, observed that the gun-toting thug entered the store holding the gun in a position where he determined he had a high percentage chance of disarming him with one quick stroke.

Not only did he manage to stun the would-be armed robber by taking away his ability to use a firearm, Kilcer, in a blink, followed up by blasting the bad guy in the face with a sack of Gatorade bottles he was carrying in his right hand.

The armed robber went down as Frazier did in his iconic 1973 fight with Foreman, and his partner in crime apparently recognized that the two were out of their depth, as he immediately bolted out of the front door, not wanting any part of Kilcer’s swift and effective tactical reaction.

Reportedly, the former Marine was able to hold the armed thug on the ground until police arrived shortly thereafter. Cops on the scene were stunned by Kilcer’s quick thinking, which by all counts likely saved lives that night.

“The Marine Corps taught me not to [mess] around,” Kilcer reportedly said when interviewed by local media.

“Spidey senses”

According to Fox News, Kilcer described the very moment that he decided to react, telling the outlet that he sensed danger and sprang into action without a second thought.

“I turn around to go and leave, kind of walk out and as I’m turning around I hear the door kind of open real aggressively,” Kilcer recalled. “At that point, the ‘spidey senses’ tingled a little bit.”

He added: “I was actually going to take control of his head and the gun at the same time, and the bag just happened to be heavy and attached to me and it smashed him right in the face.”

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