Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller’s legal group files lawsuit against Biden’s vax mandate

President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for all federal employees has been challenged across the country, but one particular case is grabbing headlines.

According to Fox News, on behalf of 20-year U.S. Navy employee Jason Payne, a conservative legal group launched by Stephen Miller, a former adviser to Donald Trump, filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s mandate, which the legal group claims is 100% unlawful. 

At the crux of the group’s legal defense, they claim that Biden’s mandate is also unconstitutional, and in Payne’s particular case, they argue that his natural immunity after having already contracted COVID-19, should be sufficient, given the growing body of evidence that natural immunity is more effective than artificial vaccinations.

Payne outright refused to take a COVID-19 vaccine because of his natural immunity, but was still threatened with losing his job, as the deadline for the federal worker mandate was Nov. 22.

“Not a king”

Payne’s legal counsel slammed President Biden in strong terms, asserting that he doesn’t have the authority to enforce such a mandate, even if he’s told otherwise by his handlers in the White House.

“President Biden is not a king, his Administration is no royal court, and he has no inherent authority to act in this tyrannical way and intrude on the rights of all federal employees,” America First Legal (AFL) Vice-President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton said.

Hamilton added: “This case is a righteous fight not only for our client, but for all federal employees, and for the separation of powers.”

“The ends always justify the means for the Biden Administration — even if that means acting with no lawful authority, or acting in a manner directly contrary to the law,” Hamilton told Fox News.

The stats

Payne certainly isn’t alone in resisting the COVID-19 vaccine, as even though some 95% of the federal workforce has received at least one vaccination, the remainder who have not still accounted for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

“This is still a very, very big deal because it involves the sheer number of federal employees and also because this is an area where the Biden administration from the president on down has acted in a manner completely contrary to the law because they want a desired outcome,” Hamilton said of the number.

A growing list of state attorneys general, including Texas’ Ken Paxton (R), have taken legal action against the federal worker mandate as well, citing a potentially devastating impact if thousands of workers are suddenly without jobs as a result.

Only time will tell if Biden’s federal vax mandate is upheld after the courts determine its constitutionality, but in the meantime, it’s refreshing to see so many who are unafraid to contest it at the highest levels.

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