Former top Pentagon official on Biden: ‘A colossal failure of leadership’

Kash Patel, the former Pentagon chief of staff, just slammed President Joe Biden for his “colossal failure of leadership,” Fox News reports

Patel did so during an appearance on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures. There, he discussed recent reports that claim Biden has shared key U.S. intelligence with China who, in turn, shared it with Russia.


The New York Times recently reported that during a three-month period, the Biden administration held meetings with Chinese officials in which they showed the communist country’s officials U.S. intelligence on Russia’s amassing of troops around Ukraine. The Times report further claimed that Biden had “beseeched the Chinese to tell Russia not to invade.”

China’s next move was wholly predictable.

China, according to the Times, provided the U.S. intelligence to the Russians, telling them that the U.S. was “trying to sow discord.” China, the outlet reports, also told Russia that it “would not try to impede” its plans vis-a-vis Ukraine.

Biden was asked about the bombshell report last week. A reporter asked him if he would be willing to ask China to help isolate Russia.

“I’m not prepared to comment on that at the moment,” Biden replied.


Patel doubled down on his criticism of the Biden administration during the interview.

“It’s a colossal failure of leadership, and it shows another distinction yet between the Biden administration and the Trump administration,” Patel began. “The fact that the commander in chief wouldn’t answer that question and that no one is covering [it] leads me to believe that he took classified intelligence and the reporting is accurate now from multiple sources and handed it over to our world’s biggest enemy, U.S’.s, his biggest enemy, China.”

Patel went on to call it “outrageous” that Biden didn’t know that China would hand the intelligence over to Russia.

He continued:

But what is tantamount and disrupts American national security is that we’re actually doing that. We, as a United States are actually sharing classified information that jeopardizes Ukrainian National Security Assistance, European national security interests and Americans lives. It’s being shared with our enemy who is sharing it with the next biggest enemy of America.

“It is just something that never happened under Trump, and the fact that it’s happening under Biden needs to be fully investigated,” Patel concluded.

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