Former Tennessee sheriff requests presidential pardon from Trump

Robert Arnold, a former sheriff in Tennessee who found himself on the wrong side of the law, is nearing release from prison.

Arnold maintains his innocence and continues to hope Trump will pardon him to wipe his record clean.

Asking for a Pardon

Arnold is expected to be released from prison in May 2020.

While he pleaded guilty, he believes the legal lines were blurred and he was, in fact, made into a criminal by the system.

To make a long story short, Arnold lost his career and was sent to jail because he was involved in the selling of electronic cigarettes in his prison. According to reports, he and his wife collectively received more than $60,000 during a 16-month span.

Revenues for the product, JailCigs, were estimated to have been more than $150,000 during that same time.

As part of Trump’s new prison reform legislation, Arnold is asking President Trump to give him a pardon.

In fact, he is asking that all first-time nonviolent white-collar offenders be released after serving half their terms if they have not done anything to color their record while in prison as a way to help the overcrowding in prisons.

More to Arnold’s Case

The former Tennessee sheriff offered a bit more insight as to how he ended up behind bars.

According to Arnold, prior to his trial, he was put in solitary confinement for weeks, preventing him from even being able to help on his own defense. As a former law enforcement official, he was told this was for his protection, but he believed it was so the courts could make an example out of him.

Mind you, he still believes he really did nothing wrong. Arnold stated, “As a twice-elected sheriff for Rutherford County, Tennessee, I feel relatively confident in saying that if I can be made into a criminal, anybody can be.”

While Arnold continues to hope for his pardon, it is unlikely that day will come. In addition to the cigarettes, he also faced domestic assault accusations made during his pretrial period.

Simply put, there are just too many red flags waving for President Trump to even consider offering Arnold a full pardon.

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