Former WH stenographer declares Biden’s cognitive ability is half what it once was

Ahead of November’s presidential election, speculation swirled among critics who felt then-nominee Joe Biden was suffering from troubling cognitive decline.

In the days since Biden was inaugurated, one veteran stenographer who worked for the previous three administrations has publicly asserted that the president’s cognitive state has seriously declined in recent years.

“Is it a 10% drop?”

Mike McCormick worked in the White House between 2002 and 2018, and video shared by The National Pulse shows him sitting down for an interview with Steve Bannon. It was there that he discussed concerns about Biden’s mental faculties. 

In an effort to gauge the perceived rate of decline, Bannon asked: “The percentage decline in his mental capacities, in your opinion, having seen him today versus 2011 — is it a 10% drop, a 20% drop, a 25, 30, 40?”

According to McCormick, the actual number is even higher, pegging his loss of cognitive function at “50%.”

The 78-year-old Biden has long faced public scrutiny on the issue based largely on his status as the oldest commander in chief to ever be elected to a first term in the White House. Throughout the campaign, various pundits pointed to verbal gaffes and other perceived warning signs that he might not be fully capable of carrying out the duties of his office. 

For his part, McCormick did not mince words when discussing the topic, even suggesting that Biden is incapable of effectively negotiating with world leaders.

“Any decision that is valuable”

“He’s half there,” the longtime White House staffer said. “There’s no way he could be in a room with [Chinese] President Xi [Jinping] alone, one-on-one and make any decision that is valuable.”

The U.S.-China relationship is sure to be of critical importance in the coming years as Xi continues to exert dominance in the South China Sea.

From Hong Kong protests to integral trade issues, Biden will be tasked with discussing serious issues with his Chinese counterpart, which has left McCormick and others with concerns since the earliest days of the Democratic presidential primaries.

The former vice president’s record of bungled phrases and mangled pronunciations was a frequent topic of news reports surrounding the common perception that he was not as sharp as he once was. The prospect of having a president who is “half there” is all the more frightening now that the Biden administration has become a reality.

Meanwhile, China continues to grow stronger on the international stage, leading Biden critics to voice concerns not only about his cognitive abilities, but also his administration’s attack on Trump’s “America First” agenda.

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