Another former staffer comes forward with claims of sexual harassment by Cuomo: Report

A fifth woman has come forward with charges that she faced sexual harassment at the hands of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

According to the Daily Caller, the latest allegations come from Ana Liss, who worked for Cuomo as a policy and operations aide from 2013 to 2015.

The latest details

Details about Liss’s sexual harassment allegation against Cuomo were first revealed in an article published over the weekend by The Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, Liss said Cuomo kissed her hand on one occasion and touched her lower back on another. He also allegedly called her a “sweetheart” and asked about her relationship status, the Daily Caller reported.

Liss told the Journal that these actions made her feel as though she was “just a skirt.” She also indicated that Cuomo’s actions caused her to drink heavily and to seek out mental health counseling.

The governor’s response

Rich Azzopardi, one of Cuomo’s senior advisers, denied claims that the governor did anything inappropriate in a statement to the Journal.

“Reporters and photographers have covered the governor for 14 years watching him kiss men and women and posing for pictures,” he said, as the Daily Caller reported.

“At the public open-house mansion reception, there are hundreds of people, and he poses for hundreds of pictures,” Azzopardi added. “That’s what people in politics do.”

The future ahead

Liss never filed a formal complaint against Cuomo, as the Daily Caller noted. Instead, she asked to be transferred to a different office.

But hers aren’t the only allegations to have been lodged against the New York governor. The first to come forward was Lindsey Boylan, a former Cuomo aide who claims that the governor “has created a culture within his administration where sexual harassment and bullying is so pervasive that it is not only condoned but expected.”

Others to have come forward with sexual harassment claims against Cuomo include his former health policy adviser Charlotte Bennett and his former aide Karn Hinton, the Daily Caller reports.

The allegations and a growing scandal over coronavirus-related deaths in nursing homes in his state have prompted many on both sides of the political aisle to call for Cuomo’s resignation. To this point, however, the governor has insisted that he will do no such thing.

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